Grasshopper's Home Page 

David Carradine's character Kwai-Chang Caine was given the nickname 'Grasshopper' by his mentor, Master Po, in the television series Kung Fu.

It seems that I've been labeled by my mentor, Master Kurt (Master of Wisdom), with the same nickname.

Master Kurt operates the" Page O Wisdom" which can be linked to here.


Not too long ago, in a galaxy somewhat closer, a band called Volare, from Athens GA, released their debut cd entitled "The Uncertainty Principle".

For more information on Volare, reviews of "The Uncertainty Principle", Volare clips & pics, and a link to the Laser's Edge Record Label's web page

where this and other progressive rock cds may be ordered,

Click the image.


In the summer off 1998, my new bride and I went on our honeymoon in Europe. At the request of many of our friends and loved ones, we decided to put these pictures up for all to see. Well, at least not all the pics from our honeymoon. This isn't that kind of web page.

 Check them out  HERE!



In 1999, we took the big plunge and put a down payment on our first house. My wife picked out a great design and we were able to choose colors, styles, and patterns as the house was being built. Then we waited for the big day... and waited... and waited... Okay, let's just say that the powers that be were not in the same hurry that we were. Regardless of all that, we moved in in August and have loved the place ever since.

 Click  HERE for pictures of the house while it was under construction.



We would like to take this opportunity to introduce everone to our latest addition. No, we didn't start having children. We got a dog. Even though he's not a real child, we tend to treat him like one. In some ways he's better than a real child. He doesn't need a baby sitter, he doesn't use diapers, he doesn't repeat those nasty comments that you made about the neighbors. I must admit that he has turned out great.

Click the dog to see pictures of Vladimir, our Alaskan Malamute.


There's nothing better than the feel of wind in your face and the sounds of a big motor. In case this is a foreign concept to you, I'm refering to riding a motorcycle. I can't think of many things that I would rather be doing. My wife and I have started riding with some of our friends that we met at the Stone Mountain Chapter of H.O.G. We thought we would put some pictures of our friends, bikes, and scenery on the web.

 Click  HERE for pictures of our rides.