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Hi!!! I'm Vladimir and this is my web page. I hope you like it cause it sure took a long time to press all those little keys with paws the size of mine. Anyway, I'd like to say a little bit about myself. I'm a Malamute, of course, born on November 19th. 1999 at Kumata Alaskan Malamutes in Lithia Springs, GA. My hobbies include running around the house, chewing, imitating Chewbacca, going to the park, and... did I say chewing?


I've just picked up my latest pictures from the developers.  These pictures were taken over the fall and winter of 2000 and 2001.



Here I am playing in the leaves while Mom and Dad were trying to rake them.



I have discovered the meaning of life.



Dog tired after playing in the snow.


These pictures were taken over the spring and summer of 2000.


Here I am learning to use my doggie door.

Tip toe through the tulips.

Nice and clean.

Good and muddy.


I love my mommy...

but daddy lets me on the couch.


Click Here for a movie of me as a puppy.

Click Here for my latest movie.


Here are some pictures of me when I was a puppy.

My Mommy Alex.

My Grandma Irene.

Just my fur and me.

My Dad Marc.

I'd also like to show you some pictures of my new house.


My Garage.

My Yard.

My Living room.

My Kitchen.


Although it is terribly embarrassing, I've agreed to put up some bath pictures.



All of these photos were taken in February 2000.


If you are a Malamute fan and would like to talk about Malamutes, send Vladimir an e-mail.


That's all for now. Bye bye.

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